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The OPTICA Series

Just as a diamond reflects the individual essence of its owner’s personality, passion and philosophy, each stone in The Optica Series is designed to tell a unique story that captures the values and beliefs of today's highly-individual consumer.

The three distinct cuts in this first release of The Optica Series showcase symbols found only in the natural world, precision-crafted with patented cuts of unmatched fire and brilliance that define the desires of a new generation of diamond owners.

Simply put, The Optica Series gives consumers what they want – to own, and experience, the most beautiful visual diamond they can, and to see themselves reflected in their purchase.

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Of The Optica Series

Jewelry Designer

Cutting for a new generation

• New levels of precision and craftmanship.

• New designs that reflect changing consumer needs.

• New thinking that comes from rich knowledge and expertise

diamonds in scoop

Creating value for retailers

• Supporting transformation of the retail experience.

• Unlocking new value in the diamond supply chain.

• A partnership approach tailored to local markets.

Diamond Ring

Curating the industry's heritage

• Our heritage is our advantage.

• We are experts at what we do.

• The world’s best jewelers rely on us.

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The Optica Stelo

The Optica Stelo sparkles the brightest with 91 facets aligning to form a perfect star and emitting a brilliance much sought after, but only achieved after painstaking development. What takes nature 10 million years has taken us three generations to conceive of and hundreds of hours to hone to radiant perfection.

With The Optica Stelo a new star is born. Its 91 facets sparkle the brightest, emitting a fire like no other in a celebration of the constellations and the extraordinary potential of mankind.

As we celebrate 50 years since the first landing on the moon, space remains full of infinite possibilities with new adventures awaiting humanity. Reaching out further to the distant corners of the universe, the stars are our guide, lighting the way in the darkest of nights and shining brightly in the most glorious of days.

With its wondrous brilliance and luminous effect, The Optica Stelo draws attention from a distance with an eye-catching performance of precision and craftsmanship that showcases the art of symmetry while evoking the promise of the unexplored universe.

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The Optica Rozo

The Optica Rozo represents the ultimate symbol of love and reminds us that love is universal. A precise 56 facets create the Rose cut which sparkles with a shimmering rose-shape pattern, evoking the fire of passion while epitomizing a perfect alliance of beauty, purity and mystery.

The Optica Rozo sparkles with a shimmering rose pattern. A precise 56 facets create this exquisite masterpiece, opening a new chapter for this centuries-old symbol of universal love.

Throughout its long and storied history, the rose has reigned as the ultimate expression of passion and affection, while the diamond has come to epitomize luxury and eternal love. Together, the rose and the diamond ignite a radiant fire, capturing a new interpretation of romance and defining modern love in a different light.

The Optica Rozo is an open declaration of love, a perfect alliance of fiery passion and optical precision,in a sparkling new cut that celebrates our never-ending love affair with roses and diamonds for a new generation of lovers and gift givers.

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The Optica Floro

The Optica Floro is a very special cut diamond, revealing glistening petals of such delicacy that you are transported to a soft swaying summer breeze. This is a virtuoso design performance of 77 facets inspired by flora that sparkles in three dimensions offering different interpretations of nature’s flowers.

Look inside the very special 77 facet The Optica Floro to reveal petals so delicate they seem to spring to life in a cascade of gently-mirrored reflections that evoke nature in motion.

The unique artistry of a flower in its natural setting is the epitome of beauty, created without human touch and evoking emotions that painters, sculptors, poets and composers have struggled for millennia to recreate. In all its variations, complexities and varieties, nature challenges us to capture its true essence.

The Optica Floro brings this natural symmetry to life in a three-dimensional, distinctly modern and innovative rule-breaker where the intricate facets of this unique cut illuminate different parts of a flower in bloom to reflect the individuality of its owner.

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Protection Guarantee

Each of the cuts in The Optica Series features patented symmetrical optical patterns which are the result of over 30 years of research, development and innovation.

In a process that is also fully protected by international patent, The Optica Series is characterized by original double optical patterns to intensify the movement of light inside the diamond when viewed from any angle.

This results in overall light performance that has never existed before and is one of the differentiating characteristics of optical patterned diamonds.

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